Cushion caster for towing SKY-2 Type

The shock to load on uneven road surface is reduced to approximately 80% of conventional impact force.

shock and vibration
absorbing performance

  • Light

  • Quiet

  • Strong

No.1 ability for towing, YUEI CASTER
  • Shock relieving "Cushioning performance"

  • Lightly moveable "Starting performance"

  • Realize long service life "Durability performance"


Cushion caster for towing SKY-2 Type

Verification of cushion performance

Absorbing shock by built-in spring

"Shock absorbing spring" reduces the impact transmitted from the unevenness (roughness) of the road surface, to about 1/5 of the conventional one (relative to our conventional products) and suppresses damage to the carriage.
(*Depending on the usage environment, the wear of the tire is reduced to 1/2 - 1/4 compared to the conventional product without spring for the same transport mileage.)

Shock reduced
by about


Compared with equivalent

Impact acceleration test

Impact acceleration test
Impact acceleration test

Spring can be selected according to the application

In order to cope with various loading capacity, two types of built-in springs are available in the product line.
You can choose the optimum cushion performance from the set load according to the carriage to be transported.

Shock absorption range of spring

Load mark
Color of Spring
Standard Load
225 lbs
450 lbs
Shock Absorbing Spring


Premium PU is adopted to SKY-2 type.Low frictional resistance, reduced more than half the burden when caster starts to move. Reduce the burden on workers and it's also effective for improving efficiency. (KAIZEN)

Reduce less than


Compared with equivalent


Turn ability test result (JIS B 8920 Turn ability test)

Turn ability test result
Turn ability test result

Lineups of Cushion caster for towing SKY-2 Type

  • Swivel


  • Fixed


Lineups of SKY type

  • Low frictional resistance and perfect turning performance

    Premium PU caster
    Premium PU caster
  • "Anti-Static Caster" protecting electrical equipment and medical equipment from static electricity

    Anti-Static Caster
    Anti-Static Caster

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